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Lorobot: Intelligent Chatbot.
Automate repetitive processes in your company.
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We want to hear your idea!

At Splora we believe that together we go further. Contact us and find out everything we can do to help your idea of technological project or StartUp to take off!


We are bold. We challenge ourselves to go beyond the ordinary and always move towards new horizons. We extend an invitation to our clients and partners: come with us!

We believe that the world can improve and for that to happen good ideas need to get off the drawing board! When we receive

an idea from a client, we commit and with it we dare to go far.

For us, technology is the means, not the end. Through it we act in the world and make changes. But what really matters are the ideas and the people and how we can make life better wherever we go.

To that end, we act in the world. We are Splora.


Innovative Business Planning

Through guided activities and Workshops, we help you get your idea off the drawing board and turn it into business. Whether it is a StartUp idea or an innovative project for your company.

Ideation and Feasibility Analysis

We use creative process techniques to generate ideas and researches to verify the economic and strategic feasibility of business ideas.

Prototype Design and Development

We define the visual and development of the prototype of the technological solution using the most appropriate programming languages and resources.

Usability Testing

We perform user testing to verify the usability of the solution interfaces and make necessary adjustments to make them more user-friendly and humanized.

Delivery and Training

In addition to delivering the solutions to our customers, we take responsibility for training the team of professionals involved with the solution. All to ensure that the customer knows how to best use the designed solution!

Lorobot - Intelligent Chats

A special Splora product. Lorobot is an intelligent chat system designed to connect people, companies and technologies. Able to automate repetitive processes, train teams and serve as a marketing and service tool.


Sprint Design

Streamlined design process where a group of people come together to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping and user testing.

Lean StartUp

Rather than developing work from an existing and complex technology, we work with unusual solutions of the customer needs – building simple and lean products.



Why Splora?

Because we are facilitators e want to make your idea take off. Because we are not a simple Information Technology company, we want to be partners in the success of your StartUp and so we commit to it to the fullest. In addition, we believe in creativity without hassle and bureaucracy and we respect the confidentiality and information of our clients and partners.

I have an idea. What do I do?

Contact us to schedule a conversation and get to know our team! Together with our experts we will create an action plan to make your idea take off!


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